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Beverly Heights, located in northeast Edmonton, is a neighborhood steeped in historical significance and community pride. Originally established as the Village of Beverly in the early 20th century when coal mining was the primary industry, it was a separate town before being amalgamated with Edmonton in 1961. Beverly Heights, as it's known today, evolved from this rich heritage, maintaining strong ties to its past while transitioning into a diverse urban community. According to the 2019 Edmonton Municipal Census, Beverly Heights is home to approximately 3,200 residents across 1,430 dwellings, highlighting its established yet dynamic character.

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Boundaries of Beverly Heights

Beverly Heights is bounded by 118th Avenue to the north, 50th Street to the east, the North Saskatchewan River to the south, and 36th Street to the west. This geographic positioning offers beautiful river valley views and access to major transportation routes, balancing natural scenery with urban connectivity.
The neighborhood primarily features single-family homes, which make up about 85% of its housing stock. This is complemented by a selection of duplexes and low-rise apartments, catering to various lifestyles and family sizes. Approximately 70% of the properties in Beverly Heights are owner-occupied, reflecting a community with a significant investment in long-term residency and home maintenance.

Unique Features

Beverly Heights boasts several unique features that contribute to its appeal:
Floden and Rundle Parks: Located along the river, these parks offer extensive recreational opportunities including walking and biking trails, picnic areas, and sports facilities.
Beverly Heights Community League: One of the oldest in Edmonton, it plays a crucial role in fostering community spirit through a variety of events, programs, and activities.
Historical Significance: The neighborhood’s history as a coal mining town is still evident in some of the older architecture and the community’s strong sense of identity.


Beverly Heights no longer has schools within its boundaries, but it is served by schools in nearby neighbourhoods.
Abbotts School (K-6): This public school is known for its supportive learning environment, focusing on literacy and numeracy, and fostering community involvement.
Ivor Dent School (K-9): A newer school in Rundle Heights, providing comprehensive education with a focus on technology and innovative learning practices.
Highlands School (7-12): Offers a range of programs, including Advanced Placement and fine arts, catering to middle and high school students.
Eastglen High School: Nearby, providing comprehensive secondary education with a wide array of academic and extracurricular options.

The Appeal

Key reasons why Beverly Heights is a desirable neighborhood in Edmonton:
Rich Community History: The area’s historical roots offer a unique backdrop to the community’s modern lifestyle.
Natural Beauty: Proximity to the North Saskatchewan River and extensive parkland provides beautiful scenery and numerous outdoor activities.
Active Community Association: Strong community involvement helps maintain a safe, friendly, and engaged neighborhood atmosphere.
Varied Housing Options: The predominance of single-family homes along with some multifamily units offers diverse housing opportunities.
Beverly Heights remains an attractive option for those looking for a neighborhood that combines historical charm with the benefits of contemporary urban living, making it particularly appealing to families and individuals who value community and heritage.

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