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What is a Community (Neighbourhood)?

On a property listing, a community or neighbourhood is a specific area of a city. All property listings should have an area where the community is listed – usually at the top along with the property type, address and MLS® or listing number.

Real Estate Agent Explains Communities

The greater the area of a city, the more communities it’s likely to have. Since Edmonton is such a large city geographically, there are staggering 413 communities in Edmonton. That’s a lot of different neighbourhoods but it makes the city more manageable when it comes to market evaluations and home shopping. If there were no separate communities, it would be difficult to narrow down a search for a home, for example.

Around Edmonton, St Albert has 19 communities, Spruce Grove has 32 communities, Stony Plain has 27 communities and Sherwood Park has 52 communities. Not all neighbourhoods are the same size, however. Some are are big and some are small, but they still allow a larger area to be broken down into manageable portions.

Why Does It Matter?

A property’s location has more bearing on real estate values than any other factor. Location can be broken down into all sorts of levels: province, city, community and specific locations like having a view of the river valley or being located on a busy road. Each neighbourhood has its advantages and disadvantages, and it’s likely that buyers and investors know the ins and outs of these communities.

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