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Meadowlark Park At A Glance

• Population (2012): 2,608
• Density: 2349.5 people/km² (not very dense)

Homes in Meadowlark

• Average Asking Price (2013): $340,200
• Asking Price Range (2013): $204,900 to $549,000
• Average Home Size (Approx): 1140 ft²
• Size Range (Approx): 785 ft² to 1670 ft²

Meadowlark Real Estate Market

• Hot Market Index (2013):  64.8 °G
• Absorption (2013): 80%
• Buyer Willingness (2013): 97.9%
• Desirability Score (2013): 93/100 (Quite Desirable)
• Dilapidation Score (2006)*: 6.3% (Good)

Meadowlark Park, Edmonton Hot Market Index (2013)

Meadowlark Park & the Average Edmonton Hot Market Index (2013)


• Accessibility Score: x homes per point of access (Excellent).
• Parking: Excellent
• Transit: 16 bus stops, plus the Meadowlark Transit Centre within the neighbourhood.
• Parks: There are 3 parks within neighbourhood boundaries.

Location & Description of Meadowlark

Meadowlark is a west end neigbourhood in Edmonton located between 163th street, 156th Street and 87th Avenue to 95th Avenue. It sits west of Sherwood and Jasper Park, south of Glenwood and north of Elmwood and Lynnwood. Notably Meadowlark includes Meadowlark Mall, which is in the southeast corner. This shopping centre includes grocery stores, a gas station and a heck of  a lot of medical services. The recently redesigned Jasper Place Library is also in the neighbourhood.

A bar graph showing when homes were constructed in Meadowlark Park

A bar graph showing when homes were constructed in Meadowlark Park*

Construction in Meadowlark Park was almost entirely completed by 1970. There were only a handful of properties developed in the late 1990s and 2000s. Infills are not very common in Meadowlark Park. This is likely because of the fact that most homes in the neighbourhood are well maintained, are still quite expensive and that the lots in Meadowlark are not very large.

A pie chart showing home types in Meadowlark Park

A pie chart showing home types in the Meadowlark Park neighbourhood*

The vast majority of homes in Meadowlark Park are houses. There are a few lowrise apartments which are actually all condominiums (see below). Land is fairly valuable in Meadowlark, but a need for high density housing hasn’t extended to the area as of yet. Most homes in Meadowlark have a detached garage.

A pie chart showing the percentage of homes that are rented versus owned in Meadowlark Park

A pie chart showing how many homes are rented versus how many owned in Meadowlark Park*

As you can see from the chart, there are very few people renting in Meadowlark Park – just 10%. An update from the City of Edmonton Meadowlark Park profile shows that little had changed by 2011. The renter percentage was 9% during that Census.

Condos in Meadowlark Park

There are only two condo complexes in Meadowlark. They are:

• Meadowlark Terrace – 9120 156 St – An apartment style condo complex with underground parking. Here is a map showing the underground parking entrance.

• The Renaissance (Adult Only) – 8912 156 St – A large adult only condo complex with underground parking situated just between the Jasper Place library and Meadowlark Mall.



Meadowlark School – 9150 – 160 St – Phone: 780 489 5200 – Note: a Mandarin bilingual program is offered at Meadowlark School.

Junior High:

~ None in this community

High Schools:

Across 163 St is Jasper Place Composite High School. Not quite in Meadowlark Park, but very close in West Meadowlark Park.

Parks & Recreation

• Herbert Hart Park – 16103 88 Ave
• Jasper Place Jubilee Park – 9200 160 St
• Meadowlark Park – 15961 92 Ave

Access & Parking

Access to Meadowlark is excellent from any direction. This part of the west end, although quite far west can be considered pretty central by today’s standards. There are 16 points of entry into the neighbourhood: one for every 74 homes. Parking will never be an issue in Meadowlark. The streets are wide, excellent frontage was given for almost every lot and there are rear garages on most of the single family homes.


There are 18 bus stops and one bus terminal in Meadowlark Park – one for every 67 homes.

* Source: 2005, 2012 Municipal Census, The City of Edmonton, 2005 Municipal Census

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