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Belgravia At A Glance

Homes in Belgravia

• Average Asking Price (2011): $599,000
• Asking Price Range (2011): $300,000 to $1,750,000
• Average Home Size (Approx): 1530 ft²
• Size Range (Approx): 980 ft² to 4000 ft²

Belgravia Real Estate Market

Hot Market Index (2011):  44.0 °G
• Absorption (2011): 46.8%
• Buyer Willingness (2011): 89.6% (Good)
Desirability Score (2011): 91.1/100 (Excellent)
• Dilapidation Score (2006) 8.9% (Good) 80 houses need major repairs in the area.


• Accessibility Score: 298 homes per point of access (not good).
• Parking: Poor, pretty much everywhere except for residents with a valid permit.
• Transit: 12 bus stops and an LRT station in the neighbourhood (excellent).
• Parks: 1 and direct access to the river valley and biking trails at multiple points.



Location & Description

Belgravia is a beautiful neighbourhood located just south of the University of Alberta with tree-lined streets and character homes, Belgravia is quite a desirable community in Edmonton. The boundaries of the neighbourhood are the ravine to the west, the University to the north at University Avenue, Belgravia Road and 71st Avenue to the south and to the east, well it’s a little strange with 114th Street on the southern portion and this weird little bite taken out which belongs to McKernan. I’m not sure why it would be arranged like that, but the north east corner is a zig-zaggy mess. I would guess that a lot of people who live in the area don’t know where McKernan ends and Belgravia begins. I have a suspicion that the area will be annexed by the University one day, but who knows? – it could just have been some strange old plan that shaped the neighbourhood that way.

At 895 units, Belgravia is a low-density area, meaning big lots, large, treed boulevards and not too many houses. Because of its location and large lots, Belgravia commands high property prices as well. Asking prices ranged anywhere from $300,000 for a 980ft² condominium to almost $1.8 million for a 4000ft² mansion. Average asking prices are around $600,000, making it one of the most expensive neighbourhoods in Edmonton and the average house size is about 1530ft²although most houses are probably about 1380ft² as the mansions bring up that average quite a bit.

Edmonton Real Estate Zones (South West)
A map of showing Edmonton real estate zone 15

Belgravia is located in Edmonton real estate zone 15 along with Strathcona, Garneau, Allendale, Windsor Park, Empire Park, Grandview Heights, Landsdowne, Lendrum Place, Malmo Plains, McKernan, Queen Alexandra, Parkallen and Pleasantview.

A bar graph showing when homes were constructed in Belgravia

A bar graph showing when homes were constructed in Belgravia*

The vast majority of homes in Belgravia are post-war homes. Not many of them have been replaced, either. The land value is too high to be building new homes and many of the homes are of an adequate size. Many of the new homes built in the area are because of a building that was demolished on the south side of the neighbourhood. This made way for a lot of newer homes which can be seen when driving along Belgravia Road.

A pie chart showing home types in Belgravia

A pie chart showing home types in the Belgravia neighbourhood*

Most of the homes in the community are single family houses, but there are some duplexes and quite a few apartments by volume. This may change if the demand for housing in the area becomes higher, but it is hard to do with land values what they are in the neighbourhood.

A pie chart showing the percentage of homes that are rented versus owned in Belgravia

A pie chart showing how many homes are rented versus how many owned in Belgravia*

There are more houses rented in Belgravia than Windsor Park to the north, but still not that many considering the proximity to the University. These houses aren’t really meant for renting, though. They’re just too nice for investors to purchase and rent out for the most part. More than 75% were owner occupied when the 2006 census was taken and I would guess that the situation is similar today.

Condos in Belgravia

There are only 4 condominium buildings in Belgravia. They are:

The Belgravia – 11660 79 Ave (Adult Only)
The Belgravia II – 11650 79 Ave (Adult Only)
Jamieson Place – 7307 118 St & 7317 118 St
The Stratford in Belgravia – 7327 118 St | A walk-up condominium built in 1993 and professionally managed.



Belgravia School |  11605 74 Ave – 780 435 5560 

Junior High:

~ None in this neighbourhood

High Schools:

~ None in this neighbourhood

Other Schools:

University of Alberta | 85 Avenue 116 Street – 780 492 3111

Parks & Recreation

There is only one park in Belgravia, but Belgravia school does have a large field and the access to the raving is amazing. Trails for hiking and cycling are no problem in this neighbourhood and the bridge over Belgravia road allows bike and foot access to Foote Field the Saville Centre and all the facilities in the South Campus of the University of Alberta.

Access & Parking

Access into and out of Belgravia is pretty crappy, I’m not going to lie. Almost 300 homes per entry or exit point makes getting in and out of Belgravia a huge pain – especially during rush hour. To the east, there is only one exit for the entire neighbourhood and its a doozy. Because the LRT line runs north to south on 114th Street, there just wasn’t any other places to put exits and an LRT means a messed up arrangement for turning and stop lights. Besides that exit, there are only 3 access points on the north side of Belgravia, but none to the south along Belgravia Road and none to the west because of the ravine. There was another entrance at Keillor Road back in the day, but that has been closed off for years and is now almost all bike trail. It was just too expensive to maintain as it was near the river and constantly wanting to slide down the hill.

Parking in the area is poor because of limitations on time – 1 hour limits in the north of the neighbourhood closest to the University and 2 hour limitations in the south part of the neighbourhood except for residents with a valid permit. That shouldn’t impact owners too much because of the time limits – it’s not applicable after 6PM, but it’s still a limitation.

Walking in and around Belgravia is definitely doable and there are actually some businesses to visit – not many though. Cycling is made easier by a central bike path and bridges over Belgravia Road as well as an underpass for people looking to cross 114th Street.


Transit is excellent in Belgravia mostly because of the McKernan-Belgravia LRT station. There are 12 bus stops in the neighbourhood and the LRT station which gives a transit score of 895/13 or about 69 houses per stop. That should be enough to allow short walks to bus stops for most of the residents of Belgravia.

* Source: 2006 Census of Canada, Statistics Canada

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  • Aaron says:

    You forgot the Belgravia III condos at 11640 79 Avenue
    The university has never shown an interest in expanding into Belgravia or McKernan and your comments will unnecessarily alarm potential buyers. I would suggest you rethink it. The “bite” as you call it arises from the history of the area and the boundaries of McKernan’s farm.

    • Alan F Macdonald says:

      Hi Aaron,

      I will be sure to add the Belgravia III condos at 11640 79 Avenue. And that is great information about the McKernan farm. I was not aware of that being the cause of the ‘bite’. I will be sure to add it in that paragraph in the Belgravia profile. Thank you!

  • TCoupland says:

    Do you know if the value of homes in Belgravia increased because of the LRT? I would guess being close to an LRT station would be good, but being right next to an LRT station would be bad…

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