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Google Map of Strathcona, Edmonton

Google Map of Strathcona, Edmonton








Strathcona At A Glance

Homes in Strathcona

• Average Asking Price (2011): $368,000
• Asking Price Range (2011): $110,000 to $1.9 million
• Average Home Size (Approx):  1160 ft²
• Size Range (Approx): 340ft² to 5740ft²

Strathcona Real Estate Market

• Hot Market Index (2011):  45.2 °G
• Absorption (2011): 48.4%
• Buyer Willingness (2011): 94.2%
• Desirability Score (2011): 94.6/100 (Highly desirable)
• Dilapidation Score (2006)*: 7.8% (Pretty poor)


• Accessibility Score: 150 homes per point of access.
• Parking: Good in most areas.
• Transit: 31 bus stops
• Parks: 10 with direct access to the river valley and biking trails at multiple points.

Location & Description

Strathcona is a large, densely populated, centrally located neighbourhood that is just south of the river from downtown Edmonton. The neighbourhood of Strathcona was actually once a small city before it was annexed by the City of Edmonton in 1912.

Strathcona is located between 82nd (Whyte) Avenue to the south and the river valley to the north. Mill Creek Ravine is the boundary for the neighbourhood to the east and 107 Street is the western boundary.

Real estate in Strathcona is quite expensive because of the close proximity to the river and river valley area, the Whyte Avenue area and also because of its excellent access to the downtown core and most importantly, the University of Alberta. The area is unlike anywhere else in Edmonton. There is excellent shopping, very walkable streets and people can be found out and about all day. The area has its own community vibe that is energetic and friendly.

Edmonton Real Estate Zones (South West)

A map of showing Edmonton real estate zone 15

Strathcona is located in Edmonton real estate zone 15 along with Garneau, Windsor Park and the University of Alberta.

A bar graph showing when homes were constructed in Strathcona

A bar graph showing when homes were constructed in Strathcona*

A large number of homes in Strathcona were build during the boom of the 1970s. A lot of these places are walk-up apartment buildings. The University has always been a driving force in the area when it comes to development and a lot of density was added in the 70s. There are a lot of pre-WWII and post-WWII buildings houses in Strathcona as well. A lot of these homes were knocked down to build those apartment buildings in the 70s, but a lot of the older homes still exist. This is probably because a lot of the homes are rentals, and rental rates do not increase with new construction, so the owners have left the houses as they are. There hasn’t been much development since 1985 as all the land is occupied and there is a decent amount of higher-density property in the area now.


A pie chart showing home types in Strathcona

A pie chart showing home types in the Strathcona neighbourhood*


Here we can see how that 48.7% of all homes in Strathcona are lowrise apartment buildings (walk-ups), and there are white a number of units in highrise apartments (26.3%) as well. The high rise apartments are mostly located along Saskatchewan Drive facing the river valley and downtown. Besides that, there are quite a few houses, and some duplexes and triplexes. There are very few row houses (also known as townhouses) in the area.

A pie chart showing the percentage of homes that are rented versus owned in Strathcona

A pie chart showing how many homes are rented versus how many owned in Strathcona*

Strathcona has one of the highest rental rates of any neighbourhood in Edmonton – over 70% of all homes are rented. Properties in the area are extremely desirable as investment properties as vacancies are hard to come by. The University of Alberta is the main reason for higher than average rental rates as many students would like to be close to the University and investors are confident that trend will continue. This high rental rate for revenue properties has made home prices quite expensive in Strathcona.

Condos in Strathcona

There are plenty of condominiumized apartments in Strathcona, mostly because the neighbourhood is so large, and the density is quite high.

9929 Sask Dr – 9929 Saskatchewan Dr | A 20-storey highrise apartment built in 1979.
Andrea Manor – 10003 87 Av | A 4-storey lowrise apartment built in 1992.
Barry Manor – 10555 83 Av | A 3-storey lowrise apartment built in 1968
The Blue Danube – 10547 83 Av |
Brantford Manor – 9904 90 Av
Brownstone Lofts – 9856 83 Av
Canyon Ridge – 8728 103 St
Cardero Court – 10125 83 Av
Carefree Manor – 8707 107 St
Carrington Manor – 9854 88 Av (Adult Only)
Cranleigh Towers – 10135 Saskatchewan Dr
Chinook Condominiums – 10015 83 Ave | Condominiumized in 2010 and professionally managed.
Edon’s Place – 10160 83 Av
Element Lofts – 8223 99 St
Fern Lee – 8803, 8807 101 St
Garneau Gardens – 10611 84 Av
Gateway Manor – 8524 103 St
Heritage House – 83105 St (Adult Only)
The Langham – 8536 106A St
Lord Strathcona Manor – 10649 Saskatchewan Dr
Melrose Place – 8604 103 St
One River Park – 10035 Saskatchewan Dr
Place 10549 – 10549 87 Av
The Rembrandt – 9131 99 St
Royal Grande – 10525 83 Av
Seymour Place – 9925 83 Av
South Bank – 10033 89 Av (Adult Only)
Southern Place – 10149 83 Av
Southwinds – 8406 104 St
Strathcona Gardens – 10032 83 Av
Strathcona Terrace – 8909 100 St
Terrace 84 – Streetview of 10516 84 Av
Waterford House – 10545 Saskatchewan Dr
Waters Edge – 10149 Saskatchewan Dr
Waters Edge – 10150 87 Av
Whyte Champagne – 10625 83 Av

Of course, there are many other buildings in the area that are owned by investors and are rented out. There is no list of those building addresses available.



King Edward School | 8530 101 Street – 780 439 2491

Junior High:

~ None in this neighbourhood

High Schools:

Old Strathcona Academic High School | 10523 84 Ave –  780 433 0627

Other Schools:

Academy at King Edward | 8525 101 Street – 780 439 1368

Parks & Recreation

Strathcona has 10 parks within it’s boundaries and direct access to bike trails and hiking trails in the Edmonton river valley.

When it comes to recreational activities, Strathcona has Queen Elizabeth outdoor swimming pool, access to Kinsmen Sports Centre, the Old Strathcona Farmer’s Market, the John Walter Museum, and the Strathcona Public Library.

For more information on what’s happening in the neighbourhood, it’s best to contact the Strathcona Community League.

Access & Parking

People who live in Strathcona should have no trouble getting around fairly quickly either to Downtown or south of the river because of its close proximity to both. There can be a bit of traffic because of the University of Alberta and the fact that Whyte avenue is a major artery in the area, though.

Parking in Strathcona is a bit of a problem because of the density of housing, one-way streets, and especially the Whyte Ave area. Parking is not impossible as the neighbourhood is just far enough from the University to not have restrictions on parking, but it can be difficult to park on certain streets at certain times. There are a lot of apartment buildings in the area, and most of them only have one stall per unit.


There are 31 bus stops located inside the Strathcona neighbourhood – 5110 units divided by 31 stops gives us a Transit Score of 164.8 (lower is better). There is no direct LRT access in Strathcona, but a bus to University Station (located underground at 114 street and 89 avenue) would take very little time, and walking to the LRT is also reasonable from much of Strathcona.

* Source: 2006 Census of Canada, Statistics Canada


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