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What is a Five-piece (5-piece) Bathroom?

A five-piece bathroom (5-piece bath) is a bathroom that has five plumbing fixtures: a sink, a toilet, and three other fixtures.

Real Estate Agent Explains Five-piece Bathrooms

5-piece bathroom is now a fairly common form of full bathroom. Many 5-piece ensuite bathrooms have two sinks to make getting ready in the morning quicker. Also, Jack-and-Jill bathrooms often have two sinks to make sharing a bathroom easier on kids with side-by-side bedrooms.

five-piece bathroom example floorplan

5-piece bathrooms can be listed as a 5-piece bath or 5pc bath on real estate listings. Other types of bathrooms you’ll see include four-piece, three-piece and two-piece. There are even one-piece bathrooms!

The five fixtures of a 5-piece bath could technically be any of the following:

  • Sink, sink, toilet, shower, bathtub (most common arrangement)
  • Sink, sink, toilet, double shower
  • Sink, sink, toilet, shower, bidet
  • Sink, sink, toilet, bathtub, bidet
  • Sink, toilet, shower, bathtub, bidet
  • Sink, toilet, double shower, bathtub

Why Does It Matter?

As with all the other bathroom definitions; you don’t really know what the five fixtures are when it comes to a real estate listing, so you’d have to check.

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