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What is a Six-piece (6-piece) Bathroom?

A Six-piece bathroom (6-piece bath) is a washroom that has six plumbing fixtures.

Real Estate Agent Explains Six-piece Bathrooms

6-piece bathroom is quite rare. It’s a lot of fixtures, it really is. And how much space do you really have?

6-piece bathrooms can be listed as a 6-piece bath or 6pc bath on real estate listings.

Six-piece bathroom (6-piece bath) Example

Here we only have two likely choices for fixtures:

  • Sink, sink, toilet, shower, bathtub, bidet
  • Sink, sink, toilet, double shower, bathtub

Why Does It Matter?

Well if you’ve got a lot of cash, you might run into a 6-piece bathroom, but not very many homes will have this many fixtures unless it’s a very large house. And technically, it would be possible to have more, but that is the maximum number if fixtures a real estate listing is likely to have listed. It’s getting pretty fancy at six items already.

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