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What is Flooring?

On a real estate listing, the term flooring relates to the attached (or permanent) floor coverings that are installed in the home.

Real Estate Agent Explains Flooring

On MLS® listings, flooring can be selected from predefined fields and each one has an abbreviation as well. They are:

Carpet CARPT
Ceramic tile CERAM
Carpet over hardwood CPT-H
Carpet over softwood CPT-S
Wall-to-wall carpet CW-W
Hardwood HARDW
Laminate Flooring LAMIN
Linoleum LINO
Marble MARBL
Parquet PARQ
See Remarks* REMKS
Softwood SOFTW
Non-ceramic tile TILE

The maximum number of floor coverings you can state on a listing is 3, so if there is any more information, “see remarks” should probably be used. It should be noted that there are of course many kinds of flooring out there any some may not apply to your home. The predefined fields you see above are the flooring types recognized by the Edmonton Real Estate Board. Flooring types like steel and cork and even concrete are not listed, but they are sometimes found in homes in Edmonton.

Why Does It Matter?

All flooring options have their own unique properties, benefits and drawbacks, and the distinctions are quite important.

The floor covering you have can influence how your home is seen by potential buyers. For example, if there is indeed hardwood under the carpet, it is best if you advertise that fact, as the new owners might want to take up that carpet and refinish the hardwood. (To learn more about which flooring might be best for your home, see Choosing The Best Flooring Type For Your Home)

It is best if everything is described accurately on a listing, as no one wants to be tricked into thinking the flooring in the home is something else.

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