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What is a Full Bathroom (Full Bath)?

A full bath is a bathroom or washroom that has a sink, toilet and a shower or bathtub. All homes must have at least one full bath.

Real Estate Agent Explains Full Bathroom

On a property listing, a full bath is often labeled as a 3-piece, 4-piece, 5-piece or even a 6-piece bathroom. Different combinations of plumbing fixtures can make up a full bathroom, but there always must be a toilet, a sink and somewhere to bathe (a shower or a tub). Many full baths in Edmonton homes have a tub and shower combination. In that case, the tub and shower are both counted as a fixture, even though they are built together.

Some examples of full bathroom fixtures:


(3-piece): Sink, toilet, bathtub

(3-piece): Sink, toilet, shower

(4-piece): Double sink, toilet, shower

(4-piece): Sink, toilet, shower/bath (combination)

(6 piece): Double sink, toilet, shower, bathtub, bidet


As you can see, it a full bath may not have the fixtures you might expect. You might think a 4-piece bathroom always has a shower and a tub, but it could have two sinks instead. The property listing doesn’t give you the fill story, you might have to see the house, or perhaps deduce what the bathroom arrangement is like from the listing photos. It should be noted, that if a 3-piece bathroom didn’t have a shower or tub, but rather two sinks, it wouldn’t technically be a full bathroom.

An example of a full bathroom in an apartment style condo in Eaux Claires, Edmonton

An example of a 4-fixture full bathroom in an apartment style condo.

Why Does It Matter?

The number of full bathrooms can be an important factor when shopping for a home. And having multiple full baths is an excellent selling feature. Because people may have large families, more than one full bath can mean people get to shower at the same time. Also, another important benefit can be that there is always a backup full bath if one bathroom is being renovated or repaired.

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