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How to Find a Property’s LINC Number or Title Number

By Alan F Macdonald

In a previous post, How To Find a Property’s Legal Description, I showed you how to find the legal description of a property in Edmonton. Now that you have that information, you can use it to find a LINC number or title number on a property’s land title. This will work for any property in Alberta, not just with Edmonton real estate – and it does not cost anything just to look up the numbers.

Finding a LINC number or land title number is pretty easy. It requires you to use the website Spin2, which is run by the Alberta government. Spin2 (or SpinII) is where you can search land titles in Alberta. You cannot search a land title with just an address, you’ll need a legal description, title number or LINC number. The legal description is the easiest to get, though.

• Once you have that, navigate to:

[box_light]Note: only works with Internet Explorer or an emulator. I have no idea why, but you’ll need that to be able to use it to view the page. Also for some bizarre reason, Spin2 is not available in the evenings. This makes absolutely no sense to me since it’s automated and on the internet, but that’s the Alberta government for you.[/box_light]

• Step 1 – Enter the Spin2 website under ‘guest login’.

Find A LINC Or Title Number (Step 1) Enter Spin2
Enter Spin2

• Step 2 – ‘Agree’ to the terms.

‘Agree’ To Terms
Step 3 – Click ‘Search’ and ignore all the rest of that stuff. You don’t need a login to do a quick number search.

Find A LINC Or Title Number (Step 3) Click 'Search'
Click ‘Search’
Step 4 – Click ‘Titles and Registered Documents’

Find A LINC Or Title Number (Step 4) Click 'Titles And Registered Documents'
Click ‘Titles And Registered Documents’
Step 5 – Click ‘Plan/Block or Unit/Lot’. We’ll be searching using these fields.

Find A LINC Or Title Number (Step 5) Search By Plan, Block, Lot
Search By Plan, Block, Lot

Step 6 – Enter the legal description you got from the City of Edmonton site. You may not have a lot number, some places don’t. In this example, I’m just using the legal description of the Downtown Library. It was my example property in the previous tutorial.

(Missing this information? Check out the link at the top of the page for the link to the tutorial on how to get the legal description)

(Step 6) Enter Legal Description
Enter Legal Description

Step 7 – And there you go! The title number and the LINC number of the property. That was easy!

Find A LINC Or Title Number (Step 7) Voila! The Title And LINC Number
Voila! The Title And LINC Number

So that’s it. Now you know how to get a LINC number or a land title number. Please drop me a line if you have any questions or comments. I hope you’ve found this tutorial useful.

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