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How To Find Condo Property Manager Contact Info | Real Estate Tutorial

By Alan F Macdonald

How To Find Condo Property Manager Contact Info | Real Estate Tutorial

I get calls every once in a while looking for the contact information for a property manager for a building. Sometimes it’s someone looking to rent a place in a condo building and sometimes it’s a utility company looking for the property manager contact info to let them know about a utility upgrade or to request access to a building. So I thought I would do a tutorial on how to find this information for free. This is not necessarily going to work for every building or for every case – and property manager information does change, so it may not always be up to date, but this method should work most of the time. And it’s better than driving over to a building to try to find a sign on the property.

First you need to know which building you are looking for. You might just have a name of a building, and that’s a good start, but you need to know the address. Exactly like my real estate tutorial How To Find a Property’s Legal Description, you’ll need to find the legal description in this case as well – only all we need here is the plan number.

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    Let’s use The Pearl which is currently Edmonton’s tallest highrise as an example. It is located at 11969 Jasper Ave.

    First, we need to go on the City of Edmonton Maps website to find the plan number, which is part of its legal description:

    Find Condo Plan Number using City of Edmonton Maps Website

    Write this plan number down. After we have the legal plan number, next, we use Alberta Government site “Spin2” (which stands for SPatial INformation System). You don’t need an account, you are just doing a quick search:

    Spin2 intro page

    Typical government website disclosure. Just click “I Agree”.

    Accept Spin2 Terms

    There’s a lot of unnecessary clicking here. Sorry about that. Here you’ll click ‘Search’

    click search on Spin2


    Then click ‘Titles and Registered Documents’. What we are looking for is a Registered Document.

    Click 'Titles and Registered Documents' on Spin2

    Now you want to find a Condominium Sheet. This is the document that will tell you the property manager registered with Alberta Land Titles for the condominium.

    Click 'Condominium Sheet' on Spin2

    Finally we enter the Plan Number we wrote down from the earlier search on the City of Edmonton Maps website, click ‘search’ and then when the info pops up below, click the ‘preview’ button (the one with the page and the binoculars on it) .

    Search the condominium plan number on Spin2

    Now you can see the management company contact information.

    Preview of Condominium Sheet in Spin2

    I have blurred out the name of the management company here, because it may change and this is not meant for a specific reference. After this, all you should need to do is do a search for that company name to get the phone number.

    An important note: If you do find that the contact information is just the address of the building itself, then the condo is likely self-managed. Then you might want to do a search for a website for a building and a contact name, but there may not be anything listed online.

    I hope this helps for anyone who wants to know who manages a condo building or complex. The best part of this search is although it seems like it’s a lot of steps, it’s actually really quick and it’s completely free, which is great.

    Please note that a building property manager is not in charge of renting condos out, so please don’t call them to ask. Rental propertied can be found online. A condo manager is not hired to rent out units. I can’t help you if you’re looking to rent either , but if you need help regarding buying or selling an Edmonton condo, please give me a call.

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