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What is a Real Estate Market Evaluation? | Real Estate Definition

By Alan F Macdonald

What is a Real Estate Market Evaluation?

A market evaluation is an analysis of the real estate market that a piece of property belongs to. Market evaluations are done to determine the value of a particular property (known as the subject property) – usually because you’re buying or selling a property. Market evaluations are done with a specific area in mind, over a certain period of time and often other factors used to narrow down properties to compare to the subject property.

Real Estate Agent Explains Market Evaluations

Real estate agents often do market evaluations for clients or potential clients to determine the value of their clients’ home or a home that their clients are looking to buy. Market evaluations help home buyers compare potential properties so that they can figure out what price to offer on a home. Home sellers need market evaluations to understand list prices and how much to ask for their home when it gets listed.

Market evaluations take into account many factors related to the value of a particular home (the subject property). Usually, data from the MLS® system is used to determine what homes similar in location, age and size are selling for. Other factors a real estate agent may consider are amenities, specific location influences and renovations or upgrades. Sales data is usually limited to a period in the past (if possible, shorter is better) so that market fluctuations do not factor into the price. Adjustments are then made to the prices to help make all the properties more comparable to the subject property. For example, if one comparable house has a garage and the subject property does not, the value of that garage will be deducted from the selling price of the comparable property to make it more like the subject property and so on.

Real estate agents are not permitted to charge for market evaluations as that particular action suggests that the evaluation is an appraisal. In Alberta, only licensed real estate appraisers are able to do appraisals.

It should be noted that no market evaluation can be perfectly accurate as there are too many factors to consider – personal preference, financial situations, emotional attachments, market fluctuations or even the weather.

Why Does It Matter?

A market evaluation is just one piece of the puzzle to selling your house in Edmonton. There are so many factors that influence whether a home is purchased or sold and proper pricing is what makes that possible. Without market evaluations, it would likely be impossible to properly price a property. A market evaluation gives a buyer or a seller a starting point so that they can make an informed decision about buying or selling real estate.

I do market evaluations for Edmonton real estate because I work in the area and understand real estate in Edmonton. If you need a real estate evaluation because you are interested in selling your home, please give me a call.

2 thoughts on “What is a Real Estate Market Evaluation? | Real Estate Definition

  1. If my real estate agent tells me she has a potential buyer and is going to meet with him to do a market evaluation of my home ….. does this mean that she is also the buyer’s agent? Or is this a normal part of the buying process for the selling agent to evaluate the market comparisons? It would seem to me that the buyer’s agent would do the evaluation for their client. Would it not be a conflict of interest for the agent to represent both? Being that the commission of sale is only a marginal difference for the agent but significant thousands for the seller, is that agent required to inform me that she also represents the buyer?

    1. Hi Doris, Excellent question. I will reply in a private message. Thank you for checking out my site! -Alan

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