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What is RF1 Zoning? | Real Estate Definition

By Alan F Macdonald

What does RF1 Zoning Mean?

In Edmonton, RF1 zoning is a type of residential land designation that is also known as Single Detached Residential Zoning. It mostly permits single family homes to be built on the land.

The minimum lot size for an RF1 zoned lot is 360m² (3875 ft²).

Real Estate Agent Explains RF1 Zoning

All Edmonton real estate has some sort of zoning designation. The zoning regulations are part of a city bylaw that covers what can be done with any property.

The main reason an area is zoned RF1 is to make sure that only houses are built on the land in question. Other kinds of properties or modifications may be permitted, however, depending on certain factors.

Things that are sometimes permitted in RF1 areas are limited group homes, minor home businesses (like home offices), secondary suites (like a basement suite) and some signs mounted on the outside of the house (as in a sign for the home business).

Also, there are discretionary uses when it comes to RF1 zoning. Things like day homes (child care), garage suites, garden suites, major home businesses, places of worship, and sales centres (for selling real estate). These items are not nearly as easy to get permission for, however, as they are more disruptive to a residential neighbourhood.

single family house RF1 lot Edmonton
A single family house on an RF1 lot in Glenwood, Edmonton

There are lots of other developmental regulations, some of which are standard throughout Edmonton. Real estate cannot just be developed any which way in the city. Things like how tall a house can be, how much space needs to be between houses and lot sizes are all specified in the City of Edmonton Zoning Bylaw.

For example, someone may ask, “can I build a duplex on RF1 zoned land?” The answer is “maybe.” If someone asks, “can I build an apartment building on RF1 zoned land?” the answer will be “no.” In that case, the land must be rezoned to allow that kind of building to be built. Rezoning requires permission of the neighbours and the City of Edmonton itself.

Why Does It Matter?

If you buy a home that is zone RF1, you need to know what you can and cannot do with it. You may not be able to have a childcare centre or a business in the home, so check the zoning regulations before you attempt to make any changes to the property.

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