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Riverdale, Edmonton | Neighbourhood Profile

By April 17, 2012November 15th, 2016Edmonton Neighborhood Profiles


Google Map of Riverdale, Edmonton

Google Map of Riverdale, Edmonton

Hot Market Index:

44.2 °G (2011)


91.7/100 (2011)





Riverdale At A Glance

Homes in Riverdale

• Average Asking Price (2011): $454,200
• Asking Price Range (2011): $235,900 to $1,250,000
• Average Home Size (Approx):  1384 ft²
• Size Range (Approx): 699ft² to 2475ft²

Riverdale Real Estate Market

• Hot Market Index (2011):  44.2 °G
• Absorption (2011): 46.2%
• Buyer Willingness (2011): 95.1%
• Desirability Score (2011): 91.7/100 (Extremely Desirable)
• Dilapidation Score (2006)*: 3.5% (Spectacular)


• Accessibility Score: 313 homes per point of access.
• Parking: Very Good
• Transit: 10 bus stops
• Parks: 11 with direct access to the river valley and biking trails at multiple points.


Location & Description

Riverdale is a small, centrally located neighbourhood and like the other areas around the North Saskatchewan River was one of the earliest settled areas in Edmonton. Real estate in Riverdale is quite expensive because of the close proximity to the river and river valley area and also because of its excellent access to the downtown core.

Riverdale is located in a bend in the river (hence the name), just south of Boyle Street and east of the Downtown neighbourhood. The limits of the neighbourhood are Rowland Road and Grierson Hill (which is 101 avenue for a short stint) and the river and river valley being the south and east.

There are two bridges that connect Riverdale to the south side of the river: The Dawson Bridge and the Low Level Bridge, which make for an easy drive or walk to the Cloverdale and all the river valley trails on that side of town as well including Mill Creek Ravine.

Zone Map of Edmonton's Central Region

A real estate zone map of Edmonton showing Edmonton real estate zone 13

Riverdale is located in Edmonton real estate zone 13 along with Boyle Street and McCauley.

A bar graph showing when homes were constructed in Riverdale

A bar graph showing when homes were constructed in the Riverdale neighbourhood*


Newer homes do outnumber older homes by a large margin in Riverdale which is very rare in the city centre. Now here is a neighbourhood that has had an unbelievable amount on infill in the last decade or so. You can see from the above chart that there was a huge construction boom in Riverdale in the 2000s. Before that, the majority of the houses were built before 1946, and there was a small resurgence of construction in the 1970s. For people looking for newer homes with the charm of an older area and the perks of being so close to downtown, there isn’t any other neighbourhood that comes close. Be prepared to pay for it, though. Average prices for newer homes are quite high in Riverdale – but don’t think you’ll get large lots like they had in the old days either, a lot of these lots are zoned RSL (Residential Small Lot).

A pie chart showing home types in Riverdale

A pie chart showing home types in the Riverdale neighbourhood*

Riverdale has become quite the mix of housing types in the last few years with all the new construction. Some condo complexes, duplexes and row houses make this a pretty diverse neighbourhood. No highrises here, though, which is probably good considering how close it is to the river.

A pie chart showing the percentage of homes that are rented versus owned in Riverdale

A pie chart showing how many homes are rented versus how many owned in Riverdale*


House prices being what they are in Riverdale (expensive), there aren’t too many renters kicking around. Basically the single family houses are not priced for investors, so it’s likely that most of the tenants occupy many of the condo units. There are 245 units being rented in Riverdale according to the 2006 census of Edmonton. If we assume that most of the 285 apartment units in the neighbourhood are occupied by those renters, that could mean that 85% of the units are rented. Buying a condo in Riverdale may make a good prospect for a real estate investment in Edmonton.

Condos in Riverdale

There are not too many condominium complexes in Riverdale, but because it is a relatively small neighbourhood and was mostly intended to be a single family neighbourhood the condo units end up counting for about 29% of all the homes in the area. The condos in Riverdale are:

River Grande – 9008 99 Av (Adult Only)
Riverdale Pointe – 10240 90 St
Summit in Riverdale – 10105 95 St (Adult Only)
Timberock Ridge – 10078 94 St
The View – 9503 101 Av
Waldorf – 95 Rowland Rd



Riverdale School | 8901 101 Ave – 780 425 7600

Junior High:

~ None in this neighbourhood

High Schools:

~ None in this neighbourhood

Parks & Recreation

Riverdale has 11 parks within it’s boundaries and direct access to bike trails and hiking trails in the Edmonton river valley.

For more information on what’s happening in the neoughbourhood, it’s best to contact the Riverdale Community League.

Access & Parking

People who live in Riverdale should have no trouble getting around fairly quickly either to Downtown or south of the river because of its close proximity to both. That being said, however, there are only 3 exits by road out of Riverdale –  and one is a bit of a roundabout way – so the Accessibility Score is only 313 (3 points of access for 940 homes). A lower score is better.

Parking in Riverdale shouldn’t be much of a problem as frontage on most lots is decent and there are back alleyways to ease the pressure of too many cars being parked on the front streets.


There are 10 bus stops located inside the Riverdale neighbourhood – 940/10 gives us a Transit Score of 94 (lower is better). There is no direct LRT access in Riverdale, but a bus to Central Station or Churchill Station would take very little time.

* Source: 2006 Census of Canada, Statistics Canada

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