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Oliver, Edmonton | Neighbourhood Profile

By Alan F Macdonald

Oliver, Edmonton | Neighbourhood Profile


Oliver At A Glance

Homes in Oliver

• Average Asking Price (2011): $307,000

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    • Asking Price Range (2011): $55,000 to $1,790,000

    • Average Home Size (Approx): 1006  ft²

    • Size Range: 340 ft² to 4300+ ft²

    Real Estate Market

    • Hot Market Index (2011): 43.1 °G

    • Absorption (2011): 45.4

    • Buyer Willingness (2011): 96.2

    • Desirability Score (2011): 93/100 (Extremely Desirable)

    • Dilapidation Score (2006)*: 6.1 (Excellent)


    • Accessibility Score: 782.7 homes per point of access.

    Parking: Fair

    • Transit: 37 bus stops with access to the LRT via Grandin Station.

    • Parks: 7 with access to the river valley at multiple points.

    Location & Description

    Oliver is an stablished neighbourhood west of downtown Edmonton and is located south of the CN rail line and extends all the way to the river valley. From east to west its limits are 111 avenue and 124 street with a notch cut out using stony plain road and 121 street as boundaries.

    A very beautiful and walkable neighbourhood, Oliver is mostly medium to high density apartment buildings because of its close proximity to downtown. Almost all houses that still do exist in Oliver are now used as businesses. Access is good, but parking can sometimes be an issue depending on the street. Almost all streets in Oliver are are very walkable and lined with boulevards and old-growth elm trees which typically adds to property values. Large commercial developments at the north end of Oliver are continuing to be developed, adding to the desirability of the area.

    With so few houses in Oliver, over 95% of all housing in the area consists of apartments (129 condominiums in total). In 2011, Condos sold in Oliver for anywhere between $55,000 and $925,000, and ranged in size from a studio apartment style unit of 360 square feet all the way to penthouse units of over 2300 square feet. Because the land value of Oliver is high, the neighbourhood seems to be able to command very high prices if the specific location and unit fit the buyer’s needs and wants.

    The desirability of Oliver (2011 year) is extremely high (93/100), meaning only 7% of the units came up for sale in 2011. This shows that Oliver meets the needs and wants of it’s population because very few people ever sell or attempt to sell their homes or rental properties.

    A real estate zone map of Edmonton showing the central zones.
    Zone Map of Edmonton’s Central Region including Oliver in zone 12

    Oliver is located in Edmonton real estate zone 12 along with Downtown and Rossdale.

    A bar graph showing when homes were constructed in Oliver
    A bar graph showing when homes were constructed in Oliver

    Even though Oliver was one of the original neighbourhoods in Edmonton, many of the homes have been taken out and replaced with lowrise apartment buildings. Much of the construction in Oliver occurred in the boom of the 1970s. Also, because Edmonton’s real estate values are constantly increasing close to the downtown core, there has been a small resurgence of new construction in Oliver. Taller buildings are going up to meet the demand for housing close to downtown and Grant MacEwan University.

    Home Types In Oliver, Edmonton
    A pie chart showing home types in the Oliver neighbourhood

    Homes in Oliver are mostly single level apartment units, some condominiumized. Because the high property values in Oliver and the periods of construction , there are almost no houses, duplexes or even row houses in the neighbourhood at all. There are 129 condominium buildings in Oliver.

    A pie chart showing the percentage of homes that are rented versus owned in Oliver
    A pie chart showing how many homes are rented versus how many owned in Oliver

    Oliver is mostly rental units making it one of the best areas in Edmonton for real estate invesment. Demand for rental units in Oliver is seen as robust because of it’s location which has excellent access to Grant MacEwan and the University of Alberta the general Hospital and of course downtown,which is right next door.



    Oliver School (Edmonton Public Schools) (Kindergarten through Grade 6) | 10227 118 St – 780 488 1221

    École/Escuela Grandin (Edmonton Catholic Schools) (Kindergarten through Grade 6) | 9844 110 St – 780 482 3676

    Junior High:

    ~ None in this neighbourhood (closest is Westminster Junior High, located in Glenora)

    High Schools:

    ~ None in this neighbourhood (closest is Ross Sheppard High School, located in Woodcroft)

    Other Schools:

    Edmonton Academy (Private) (Kindergarten through Grade 12) | 10231 120 St – 780 482 5449


    Grant MacEwan University | 10700  104 Ave – 780 497 5040

    Parks & Recreation

    Oliver Arena | 10335 119 ST – 780 944 7434

    Oliver Pool (Outdoor) | 10315 119 ST – 780 442 5261 or 780 944 7416

    Oliver has 7 parks within it’s boundaries and direct access to bike trails and hiking trails in the Edmonton river valley.


    Oliver is one of the densest communities in Edmonton, and has 15 points of access from major roads. There are approximately 11740 housing units in Oliver, so there is one access point for every 782.7 homes. Therefore the Access Score is 782.7 (lower is better).


    There are 37 bus stops located inside the Oliver neighbourhood – one for every 317 homes in the area giving a Transit Score of 317 (lower is better). Direct LRT access is available through Grandin Station in the south east corner of Oliver.


    EMS/Fire Hall – None in this neighbourhood

    Police – None in this neighbourhood

    Hospitals – Edmonton General Continuing Care Centre | 11111 Jasper Ave – 780 342 8000


    * Source: 2006 Census of Canada, Statistics Canada

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