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What is a Bungalow? | Real Estate Definition

By Alan F Macdonald

What is a Bungalow?

Simply put, a bungalow is a one-storyy house. This can include houses with or without basements. This means that there is no more than one level above grade, although there may be one below grade as well.

Real Estate Agent Explains Bungalows

Bungalows are a property style that was a very common type of house in Edmonton in the pre-war era and up until about the 1970s when other styles gained popularity. Finding a new bungalow is very hard to do in Edmonton because they are rarely built anymore. Bungalows in Edmonton typically sell for much more money than an equivalently sized two-story home. This is because the footprint of a bungalow has to be much larger to accommodate the square footage of what you might find in a two-story. That large footprint means a lot of concrete for the foundation. It is common for large bungalows to have large basements, which is impossible on a small lot. It should be noted that bilevel homes, semi-bungalows and raised bungalows are technically other types of single-story homes and could also classify as bungalows.

A drawing of a bungalow
An drawing a bungalow showing the characteristically small number of steps up to the front door and the typical smaller basement windows.


An example of a bungalow in Forest Green, Stony Plain. Notice how the foundation is just over a foot above grade.

Why Does It Matter?

Bungalows have an advantage over other styles of homes because they are arranged all on one floor (plus a basement). Anyone with mobility issues will really appreciate a bungalow. But more than that, having everything on one floor does provide a flow that other formats cannot.

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