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Short Answer

Water damage.

Long Answer

[pullquote_right]Water always follows the path of least resistance so make sure it has somewhere else to go[/pullquote_right]

A claim resulting from water damage is more common than any other house insurance claim. Water damage can be caused by many things. Often basements can flood because the water table is too high and water has seeped into the basement, or if storm sewers are backed up from hail or a severe rainstorm the water can actually come back up the floor drains in a home.

Other kinds of water damage can be leaky roofs and windows. Water always follows the path of least resistance so make sure it has somewhere else to go. If that path happens to be into a home, rather than out, that is where the water will travel.

To prevent water damage, it is best to have a sump pump in your basement and make sure it has a constant power supply. In case the power goes out in a storm, a battery powered sump pump may be necessary. To prevent water from coming through the drainage system, a proper back-flow valve must be installed in the basement. New homes have back-flow valves, but older homes may not. Make sure you are familiar with all your property’s issues so that you aren’t caught unawares.

When it comes to water seeping in, it is also a good practise to make sure you have no cracks in your basement wall and floors. It might not always be a big problem, but if the water table is unusually high, water may seep through the foundation. Also, downspouts need to be down to send water away from the foundation.

Leaks from roofs are easily preventable with proper shingling, flashing, gutters and downspouts. Eavestroughs must be clean to work properly and should be checked once a year to remove leaves and debris that could cause a backup.

If you take care of these systems in your home, you won’t have any trouble keeping the rain where it belongs – outside your house!

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