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Why You Should Sell Your Condo and Buy a House

By Alan F Macdonald

Why You Should Sell Your Condo and Buy a House

A lot of people get a condominium as a first home – we did. And for a first time homebuyer, a condo is great. It gets you into owning property sooner, but it also doesn’t throw you in the deep end of homeownership. You have some things organized and taken care of for you. But what are some of the indications it might be time to sell the condo a buy a house?


There aren’t a lot of condos that are conducive to pet ownership – pets sometimes make noise and can sometimes make a mess. Even a simple fishtank can spring a leak and we know that dogs can bark, birds can squawk and snakes can escape. For those reasons, some condos will not allow cats or  birds or fish or reptiles. This can be a big reason for wanting to buy a house in Edmonton. Honestly it was a factor for us when we moved. We wanted a dog, and a large one at that. Even if our building had allowed dogs, it wouldn’t have been convenient. Being in a house, we can let him out any time he wants and we don’t have to worry about anyone being concerned or complaining.  If you want a pet and pets aren’t allowed, it might be time to consider moving to a house where you have more control over the pet policy.

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    Yard Space

    Some condos are townhouses and have some yard space but not usually that much. Most condos in Edmonton are apartment style units and they might have a balcony at most. If you want to do some gardening or just have some space for a firepit, you’ll probably need a house. Almost all houses have yard space that exceeds what you would get in a condo – and it will be exclusively yours. A yard should allow space for gardening as well as places for kids and pets to play.


    Are you tired of driving to Mom and Dad’s to get the Christmas tree, the camping gear, the skis and snowboard? If you are, it might be time to consider selling your condo and buying a house in Edmonton. I can tell you that it was a lot more work to go camping when we had to drive over to my parents’ to pick up our cooler, tent, sleeping bags, air mattress and cooking supplies. It made the trip a lot more onerous and took up quite a bit of time. Your friends and family might be tired of storing your stuff, and if they are, a house with basement storage and perhaps some space in the garage will certainly hold all your stuff.


    Chances are if you have a condo, you don’t have two parking spaces. This may not be an issue for everyone, but it certainly can be. Parking is a big deal as I have talked about before. In Edmonton, a car is not always needed, but most people don’t enjoy relying purely on public transportation. If you need somewhere else to park, that might be a catalyst for a new place. It could be the desire for a garage or just a place to put your car – even if it means still scraping windows and brushing off snow in the winter. Whatever the specifics, parking is definitely a driving force in choosing to move to a house. To learn more about picking a place that allows enough parking, check out my article Buyers Beware – That Garage Going to Work?

    You Want More Control

    Owning a condominium is about having other people decide how you live. If you feel like you would rather do the work and the decision making yourself, then a condo may no longer be for you. Some people want things done for them, and others don’t. There’s nothing wrong with feeling either way, but it is good to know what you want. For some people, a condo will meet their needs, but if you find yourself wanting some of the above items, you might want to consider buying a house in Edmonton. As always, if you need a real estate agent in Edmonton, please give me a call and we can talk about what you might want to change about where you live. I work with buyers and sellers of condos and houses.

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