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Beaumont, Alberta Zoning (District) Codes

By Alan F Macdonald

Beaumont, Alberta Zoning (District) Codes

There are districts in all counties and municipalities. Beaumont has its own designations for what can be built on any given parcel of land.

Zoning codes or district codes in Beaumont, Alberta are as follows:

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    Disctrict Description
    R1-A Low Density Residential
    R1-B Low Density Small Lot Residential
    R1-E Residential Estate
    R2 Residential Semi-Detached/Duplex
    RCD Residential Comprehensive Development
    Residential Multi-Family:
    RHD1 Residential High Density 1
    RMD1 Residential Medium Density 1
    RMD2 Residential Medium Density 2
    Commercial & Industrial:
    C1 Neighbourhood Commercial Convenience
    C2 Commercial
    IB Industrial Business Park
    Urban Services:
    AR Agricultural Reserve District
    GC Golf Course
    PRS Public Recreation Services
    USI Urban Services Institutional
    USR Urban Services Residential
    Special Districts:
    BR Blended Residential
    LW Live Work
    TCMU Town Centre Mixed Use
    DC Direct Control
    DC-100 Direct Control Affordable Housing Project
    DC-101 Dansereau Meadows Phase 8
    DC-102 Dansereau Meadows Phase 9 Public Roadway Oriented Row Housing
    DC-103 *RESCINDED – BYLAW 812-13 AUGUST 27, 2013* Beau Meadow Phase 9 – Place Soleil
    DC-104 Lot 3, Block 4, Plan 4670TR
    DC-105 Qualico South
    DC-106 Dansereau Meadows Phase 2B
    DC-107 Lot 5, Block 3, Plan 8445 ET
    DC-109 Dansereau Meadows Phase 5
    DC-110 Temporary Francophone School District
    DC-113 Montrose Gardens District

    Some district codes are fairly descriptive, but there are many special codes that are pretty specific. To find out more about any of these districts, zoning codes are listed in the Land Use Bylaw No. 796-12 located here.

    For additional information about districts of zoning in Beaumont, Alberta, please call the Town Office at 780 929 8782 or email them at


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