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What does RF6 Zoning Mean?

RF6 zoning is known as Medium Density Multiple Family Zone. It is a zoning regulation that pertains to a small number of lots in Edmonton. It can be described as allowing row houses and town houses, but ones that have separate units for the second floor – More dense than RF5 zoning which allows just one unit per row house. RF6 zoning allows group homes, minor home businesses, and row houses to be built on a lot. This kind of zoning is also known as Medium Density Mulitple Family zoning because it allows row houses (townhouse style condos and attached homes).

Since RF6 zoning is still residential zoning, the maximum height of an apartment building built on this kind of lot is 4 storeys (up to 14m or 46ft high)

Real Estate Agent Explains RF6 Zoning

Other uses include things like, free-standing signs, single family homes, suites within houses, sales centres, mosques, churches, temples and the like, live-work spaces (like little shops within a home), home businesses, group homes, suites in garages and garden suites, fraternity and sorority houses (near the University only, so far), child care services and group homes.

More detail on all the uses that RF6 zones allow can be found at the City of Edmonton Bylaw site.

RF6 zoning is much like RF5 zoning, but allows a little more density – 80 units per hectare for RF6, as opposed to 42 units per hectare for RF5.

There are only 3233 RF6 zoned properties out of a current 371,516 residential properties in Edmonton. That’s only 0.87%! Very rare!

Why Does It Matter?

A lot of uses are permitted with RF6 zoning, but mostly this kind of zone is used for the purpose of having row houses and especially stacked row houses. You cannot just build a row house any old place, you have to have the correct permissions, RF6 zoning may be necessary.

(Zoning is not a searchable field on the public MLS® system. If you’re looking for RF6 zoned properties, please give me a call or contact me online, and I can provide you with a list of all the Edmonton real estate zoned RF6 available today – it’s just a quick search for me)

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