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What does RF5 Zoning Mean?

RF5 zoning regulation is part of an Edmonton real estate bylaw that permits the building of row houses on a parcel of land. Other permitted uses are group homes, small home businesses, duplexes and the like and signage. RF5 zoning is also known as a Row Housing Zone.

Minimum lot sizes for RF5 zoned lots range anywhere from 150m² (1615ft²) for internal row houses all the way to 740m² (7965ft²) for stacked row house buildings.

Row houses can be as narrow as 5m (just 16.4ft) wide with this sort of zoning!

Real Estate Agent Explains RF5 Zoning

According to the Edmonton Real Estate Board, row houses can be townhouse condos, or attached homes (without condo status).

The kind of Row Housing that is allowed by RF5 zoning makes it possible to build row houses that are up to 42 units per hectare. If higher density units are desired, the area should be zoned RF6, to allow up to 80 units per hectare instead.

More information is available from the City of Edmonton on RF5 zoning

Why Does It Matter?

Depending on what needs to be built on the land, RF5 zoning may be desirable. Areas can be rezoned, but it is not an easy task. Many items are considered when rezoning an area, like impact of the traffic, parking issues, garbage collection, noise, disruption, sewer systems and other services.

(Zoning is not a searchable field on the public MLS® system. If you’re looking for RF5 zoned properties, please give me a call or contact me online, and I can provide you with a list of all the Edmonton real estate zoned RF5 available today – it’s just a quick search for me)

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