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Short Answer:

No. Unless the building is sprinklered.

Long Answer:

In Alberta, bedrooms must have a window that meets egress rules to make sure an occupant can get out if there is a fire. The exception is for buildings that have sprinklers and that sprinkler system needs to meet local fire codes. Rules on windows are not simple, however. The window has to be a certain size to allow escape, it needs to be operable without any special knowledge, if there are security bars on it, they need to be openable from inside the room and if there is a window well, it has to be large enough to get out through the window. For more information, see this pamphlet from Alberta Municipal Affairs.

What does this all mean? Well, you may technically be able to use a so-called ‘den’ as a bedroom with no window in a newer residential apartment building. And make sure to check with a local building inspector before you put anyone in a bedroom that has no window. You can call Alberta Municipal Affairs at 1-866-421-6929. They are very helpful.

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