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What are the Different Construction Types? | Real Estate Definition

By Alan F Macdonald

What are the Different Construction Types?

Construction describes what material the building is made of. This does not include the foundation or finishing materials, but rather the structural components of the rest of the home. On a real estate listing, the type of construction is always listed.

Real Estate Agent Explains Construction Types

According to the Edmonton Real Estate Board, there are 10 different structural materials a home can be built from, they are:

Construction Type Abbreviation
Concrete Block BLOCK
Concrete CONCR
Wood Frame FRAME
Insulated Concrete INSUL
Modular MODLR
Prefab PREFB
Steel Frame STEEL

Most houses and condos in Edmonton are built of wood. Because there are no earthquakes or termites here, wood is a great building material – and the cheapest of them all.

Buildings that are over 4 stories tall must be built of concrete and/or steel in Edmonton. All high-rise buildings in Edmonton are made of concrete.

There are not very many homes that are actually made of brick or stone in Edmonton, although many are just faced with brick or stone on the exterior. There are more homes built of brick and stone in older parts of the country, though.

Why Does It Matter?

Each type of construction has its benefits and drawbacks. For example, concrete buildings are less prone to fire damage, but they also transmit certain sounds worse than wood frame buildings. Wooden buildings can burn down easily, but they are easier to fix than something made of concrete, brick or stone. Just some things to consider when you’re looking to buy a home in Edmonton!

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