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What are exterior finishes?

What are Exterior Finishes?

An exterior finish is the type of material that covers a house or building. It is the outside covering that protects the structure of the building against the outside elements.

Real Estate Agent Explains Exterior Finishes

Exteriors are usually comprised of the following materials:

Exterior Finish Abbreviation
Asbestos ASBES
Asphalt Shingles ASPHL
Composite COMPO
Concrete CONCR
Fiber Cement Siding FIBER
Log Siding LOGS
Wood Shingle SHGLE
Stucco STUCO

There are always new types of exteriors being developed, like EIFS (External Insulated Finishing Systems) that may not be on the list of possible exterior descriptions available on real estate listings. The above materials are what are currently recognized by the Edmonton Real Estate Board.

More than one material is sometimes used to finish the outside of a home. For example it used to be common to have a stucco house with some wooden siding lowed down on the wall near the foundation to add some character to the house and provide a good drip-edge for water to run off.

Why Does It Matter?

What keeps your home’s walls protected from wind and rain is an exterior finishing material. Without it, your home would likely fall apart in a few years. Exterior finishes also add insulation values to the outside walls of your home.

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