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Glenora At A Glance

Homes in Glenora

• Average Asking Price (2011): $623,000

• Asking Price Range (2011): $140,000 to $4,400,000

• Average Home Size (Approx): 1597  ft²

• Size Range: 690 ft² to 7000 ft²

Real Estate Market

• Hot Market Index (2011): 41.8 °G

• Absorption (2011): 44.6

• Buyer Willingness (2011): 91.1

• Desirability Score (2011): 80/100 (Good)

• Dilapidation Score (2006)*: 12.6/100 (Very good)


• Accessibility Score: 100.7

• Transit Score: 88.8

• Parks: 14 with access to the river valley at multiple points.

Glenora comprises all of Edmonton real estate zone 11:

Edmonton Real Estate Zone (West)

Edmonton Real Estate Zone 11 (Glenora)

Location & Description

Glenora one of the oldest communities in Edmonton, Glenora’s limits are 107 avenue to the north, 142 street to the west, Groat road and Groat ravine to the east and the river valley to the south.

Access to Glenora is quick and easy because of  major roads surrounding and running through it. Access points are all along 142 st, 107 ave and via two bridges to the east over groat road and the ravine through Stony Plain road and 102 avenue.

Homes sold in Glenora (2011 year) range in size from 899 square feet all the way to 6996 square feet, and have sold in the range from $365,000 all the way up to $3,175,000 – a testament to the value of the location, but also to the size and breadth of the neighbourhood. Homes overlooking the river valley will typically cost over $1 million, and prices decrease the farther north you go. Homes south of Stony Plain Road (which bisects the neighbourhood) are considered part of what is called ‘Old Glenora’ and are considered more valuable than those north of Stony Plain road.

A bar graph showing when homes were constructed in Glenora

A bar graph showing when homes were constructed in Glenora*

The vast majority of homes in Glenora were constructed after WWII and before 1960. There was a great demand for real estate at the time, and since Edmonton was still quite small, areas close to the downtown core were the first to become fully developed. To this day, many of those homes remain as they were sturdily built and are considered still an adequate size. However, as property values increase, some homes have been replaced with larger, more expensive infill homes – especially smaller homes in areas overlooking the river valley or close to the ravine.

A pie chart showing home types in Glenora

A pie chart showing home types in the Glenora neighbourhood*

Most homes in Glenora are single family detached houses. There are very few lowrise apartments in Glenora, and only a handful of duplexes, triplexes or row houses. There are quite a few highrise units in Glenora, however, because of Crescent Place, which accounts for all 18.5% of the units in the neigbourhood. Crescent Place, built in 1969 and located just off 142 St where Stony Plain road branches off of 102 Ave, has about 280 condominium units and is the one of the only high rise buildings in Edmonton that is west of downtown. There are only two condominium buildings in Glenora: Crescent Place – 13910 Stony Plain Rd  and The Gables of Glenora – 14004 102A Av.

A pie chart showing the percentage of homes that are rented versus owned in Glenora

A pie chart showing how many homes are rented versus how many owned in Glenora*

Glenora has very few renters (17.3%) compared to owners (82.7%). This is because the property values in Glenora are so high.

Glenora is the only neighbourhood located in real estate Zone 11. Postal codes in Glenora all start with T5N.



Glenora (Edmonton Public Schools) (Kindergarten through Grade 6) | 13520 102 Ave – 780 452 4740

St Vincent (Edmonton Catholic School System) (Kindergarten through Grade 6) | 10530 138 St – 780 452 4474

Junior High:

Westminster (Edmonton Public Schools) (Grade 7 through Grade 9) | 13712 104 Ave – 780 452 4343

High Schools:

~ None in this neighbourhood (closest is Ross Sheppard High School, located in Woodcroft)

Other Schools:

Progressive Academy (Private) (Kindergarten through Grade 12) | 13212 106 Ave – 780 455 8344

Parks & Recreation

Royal Alberta Museum | 12845 102 Ave – 780 453 9100

Glenora Community League | 10426 136 St – 780 452 1790

Glenora residents enjoy 14 parks and direct access to bike trails and hiking trails in the Edmonton river valley from multiple ravine offshoots – Ramsay Ravine, MacKinnon Ravine and through Groat road. If you are looking for bicycle routes for the Glenora area, you can see the Google Bicycle Map.


Glenora has 15 points of access from major roads. There are approximately 1510 homes in Glenora, so there is one access point for every 100.7 homes. Therefore the Access Score is 100.7 (lower is better).


There are 17 bus stops located inside the Glenora neighbourhood, giving a Transit Score of 88.8 – an excellent transit score (lower is better). Currently, there is no direct LRT access from Glenora, but LRT access is planned as part of the west LRT expansion.


EMS/Fire Hall | 10527 142 St – 780 452 8812

Police – None in this neighbourhood

Hospitals – None in this neighbourhood

* Source: 2006 Census of Canada, Statistics Canada

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