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What Does Goods Excluded Mean? | Real Estate Definition

By Alan F Macdonald

What Does Goods Excluded Mean?

On a real estate listing, goods excluded are items that are attached to a property, but are not included in the sale of that property.

Real Estate Agent Explains Goods Excluded

By default, all items that are attached to a property are considered part of the property, so the contract must specify if any items are going to be removed before possession.

Almost anything can be an excluded good when it comes to a real estate listing. There are sometimes items that sellers do not want to sell with their property. Some examples of goods that are excluded from a sale might be something like an art installation, a garden shed, a medicine cabinet or perhaps a certain light fixture that the seller is fond of and wants to keep. There is no list of goods excluded, as absolutely anything could be on the list (and I’ve seen it all!)

It is rare to see any goods excluded on a real estate listing. Usually things that are included that aren’t attached (goods included) are mentioned, but most people don’t unscrew or unbolt anything that’s attached when they leave.

Why Does It Matter?

If you are selling your home and you want to take something that would be considered attached to the property, it should be noted in the real estate listing. You must note the excluded good on the real estate contract. Otherwise, it is considered part of the property when it sells, and taking the item would be stealing it from the new owner.

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