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What Does Goods Included Mean? | Real Estate Definition

By Alan F Macdonald

What does Goods Included Mean?

On a real estate listing, goods included are items that are not attached to a property, but are still included in the sale of a property. These items are often referred to chattels or unattached goods. The opposite of goods included are goods excluded, which are less common to see on a real estate listing.

Real Estate Agent Explains Goods Included

Unattached goods are things that rest of their own weight – that aren’t screwed, bolted, glued or otherwise affixed to a property (in the house,  on the land etc.). The most common things that are listed as included goods are appliances because they just sit on the floor, but are often included in the sale of a home. Another unattached good that is often also for sale with a property is the curtains or drapes or blinds. Often we just say “all window coverings” on a contract if the buyer and seller have agreed that these come with the house.

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Some examples of goods included that may appear on a real estate listing according to the Edmonton Real Estate Board are:

Unattached Good Included Abbreviation
Air Conditioning (Central) ACCEN
Air Conditioner (Window) ACWIN
Alarm/Security System ALARM
Appliances Negotiable APNEG
Air Cleaner (Electronic) ARCEL
Blinds (Roll Up/Pull Down) BLNDR
Venetian Blinds BLNDV
Compactor (Trash Compactor) CMPCT
Garage Control CONTG
Drapes/Curtains DRAPE
Dryer (Two) DRYR2
Dishwasher (Built-In) DWBLT
Dishwasher (Portable) DWPRT
Dishwasher (Energy Star) DWBE*
Fan (Ceiling) FAN
Food Centre FOODC
Freezer FREEZ
Furniture Included FURNI
Garburator GARBU
Hood Fan HOODF
Household Goods Included HSHLD
Humidifier (Portable) HUMPT
Humidifier (with Furnace) HUMPW
Hot Water (Instant) HWINS
Intercom INTCM
Microwave Hood Cover MWHC
Garage Opener (with 1 Control) OPEN1
Garage Opener (with 2 Control) OPEN2
Garage Opener OPENR
Oven (Built-In) OVNBI
Microwave Oven OVNMW
Pool (Above Ground) POOLA
Refrigerators (Two) REFR2
Refrigerator REFRG
Refridgerator (Energy Star) REFE*
Satellite TV Dish SATTV
Some Fixtures Leased SFIXL
Stove (Countertop Electric) STCEL
Stove (Countertop Gas) STCGA
Storage Shed STGSH
Stove (Electric) STVEL
Stove (Gas) STVGA
Stoves (Two) STVS2
Vacuum System Attachments VACAT
Vacuum System (Roughed-In) VACRI
Vacuum System VACSY
Washers (Two) WASH2
Washer WASHR
Washer (Energy Star) WASE*
Window Coverings (All) WINDA
Water Conditioner WTRCN
Water Distiller WTRDI
Water Softener WTRSF


Some items that are attached are still considered included goods. Items like ceiling fans, hood fans, garage door openers and satellite dishes are often considered unattached, even though they are bolted on – like a microwave hood fan combination unit. Sometimes these items are left off a listing. It can be arguable whether these things could be removed by the sellers or not. Most importantly: if you are buying a home and want to be sure something is included, make sure it’s added to the contract. If not, it may or may not be there when you take possession!

example unattached goods included - fridge, stove microwave hood fan
Here is an example of unattached goods. This condo was sold with all appliances, which included the fridge, stove and microwave hood fan combo unit.

Why Does It Matter?

If the fridge, stove, washer and dryer are not coming with a home when you buy it, you might want to know. Check the real estate listing for a list of the goods included and make sure it appears on the contract. All real estate contracts need to state which goods or appliances are included, because they are not considered attached. It’s not as if you can’t buy these items yourself, but if you do have pay for your own goods, you’ll want to know. When you’re selling your home, be sure to indicate clearly to your real estate agent what you want to include in the sale of your home.

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