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What is a Half Bath (Half Bathroom)?

A half bath is a 2-piece bathroom that has no shower or bathtub – it contains only a sink and a toilet.

Real Estate Agent Explains Half Baths

Even though a half bath seems to be less of a bathroom than a full bath, there is often no need for a full bathroom in certain areas of a home. For example, a main floor bathroom is often a half bathroom – sometimes called a powder room or guest bathroom. If there is no bedroom nearby, there is not much reason to have anything more than a half bath. There are so-called 1-piece bathrooms on real estate listings – meaning only a sink – but no one would ever refer to them as a bathroom in the real world. Therefore, in the most logical terms, since you cannot have a bathroom without a sink as well as a toilet, a 2-piece bathroom is the smallest possible bathroom.

Why Does It Matter?

As with full bathrooms, half bathrooms are important because they are desirable to home buyers. In Edmonton, it is more and more rare to find a home without at least one half bath.

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