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What is a Low-rise Apartment?

In Edmonton, low-rise apartments (or lowrises) are buildings that have 4 storeys or fewer – up to 14 metres tall (about 46 feet high). Anything over 4 storeys would be considered a highrise. Apartment buildings in general are defined by their common entrances and internal staircases and/or elevators – although it is rare to see elevators in low-rises. There is no definition for mid-rise apartments in Edmonton.

Real Estate Agent Explains Low-rises

Low-rise apartments can be condominiums (owned by many different owners), or owned by one company or organization (usually as investment properties). Some low-rise apartments are seniors’ homes or are owned by a non-profit for low income housing. These types of apartments were very common during the boom of the 1970s in Edmonton but new buildings are still being built throughout the city as they are a cost effective investment for builders.

Low-rise apartments require RA7 zoning in the City of Edmonton and are often wood frame construction, but are sometimes constructed of concrete, steel or a combination of materials. Most low-rise apartments do not have underground parking, but there are exceptions.


A collection of Low-rise Apartments in Oliver, Edmonton

Why Does it Matter?

Knowing the difference between different property types helps you understand the costs involved in maintain your property – either as a member of a condo board or as an investor. These differences are also important when choosing a condo or investment property when you are ready to buy. High-rises and low-rises are very different animals. Do you want to live in a concrete building or a wood one? Did you want the possibility of a view from your balcony or to be closer to ground level? Would you like to live with many people in the same building or just a few? Questions like these are often determined by the property types you choose.

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