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See real estate listings in Rhatigan Ridge.

Rhatigan Ridge At A Glance

• Population (2012): 3252
• Density: 2427 people/km² (not very dense)

Homes in Rhatigan

• Average Asking Price (2012): $587,000
• Asking Price Range (2012): $339,000 to $1,750,000
• Average Home Size (Approx): 2200 ft²
• Size Range (Approx): 1210 ft² to 4000 ft²

Rhatigan Real Estate Market

• Hot Market Index (2012):  48.2 °G
• Absorption (2012): 69.4%
• Buyer Willingness (2012): 93.1%
• Desirability Score (2012): 93.5/100 (Quite Desirable)
• Dilapidation Score (2006)*: 3.2% (Excellent)


Rhatigan, Edmonton Hot Market Index (2012)

Rhatigan & the Average Edmonton Hot Market Index (2012)


• Accessibility Score: 220 homes per point of access (Decent).
• Parking: Good
• Transit: 19 bus stops.
• Parks: 2 parks within neighbourhood boundaries and direct access to Terwillegar Park as well.

Location & Description

Rhatigan Ridge is located just east of Terwillegar Park, south of 40th Avenue/Ramsay Crescent, west of Terwillegar Drive and just north of Rabbit Hill Road. The neighbourhood is serviced through the centre by Riverbend Road and is considered part of the ‘Riverbend Area’. Rhatigan Ridge is named after Thomas Rhatigan who owned land in the area.

Home prices in Rhatigan are quite high ranging from just over 300,000 right up to 1.7 million. Average home prices are in the mid $500,000s. The area is considered quite desirable as only 6.5% of homes went up for sale on MLS® in 2012. The houses are large – averaging 2200 ft², so someone could live there a long time before they ever needed to move.

A bar graph showing when homes were constructed in Rhatigan

A bar graph showing when homes were constructed in Rhatigan*

Homes were primarily constructed in the 1980s in Rhatigan, even though the area has been part of Edmonton since 1960. There isn’t any new construction in the neighbourhood because the homes are so expensive and still relatively new. The area has an excellent Dilapidation Score – only a handful (3.2%) of the homes need major repairs – so everything looks very well kept and tidy in Rhatigan.

A pie chart showing home types in Rhatigan

A pie chart showing home types in the Rhatigan neighbourhood*

Like most areas in Riverbend, Rhatigan is mostly single family homes (89%) with just 7% of the area being duplexes and the remainder (4%) being townhouses.

A pie chart showing the percentage of homes that are rented versus owned in Rhatigan

A pie chart showing how many homes are rented versus how many owned in Rhatigan*

Rhatigan is expensive and the homes are very large. Real estate investors are not typically interested in these kinds of homes because they are not easy to rent out – there just isn’t much demand for them. Because of this, almost all of Rhatigan Ridge is owner occupied.

Condos in Rhatigan

According to the Edmonton Real Estate Board, there is only 1 condominium complex in Rhatigan Ridge:

Ryan Estate – 882 Ryan Place



Earl Buxton Elementary –  250 Rhatigan Rd E |  780 435 1577

Junior High:

~ None in this community

High Schools:

~ None in this community

Other Schools:

~ None in this community

Parks & Recreation

There are two parks in Rhatigan Ridge:

Thomas Rhatigan Park

Mary Lobay Park

Access & Parking

Houses in Rhatigan Ridge

Some totally awesome houses in Rhatigan Ridge

Access to Rhatigan Ridge is decent for the south side, with 5 points of access for 1100 homes – one for every 220 homes. Traffic in and out could be a little busy in the peak hours, but it wouldn’t be much of an issue.

Rhatigan parking should be quite good for most houses. Front drive access does limit parking, but frontage is quite good in the area making for a lot of space in general. Most cars are kept off the streets, too.


There are 19 bust stops in Rhatigan – one for every 58 homes. Not too shabby.

* Source: 2006 Census of Canada, Statistics Canada

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