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South Terwillegar is the last neighbourhood to be developed in south west Edmonton before the Anthony Henday ring road. As such, it only really has neighbours to the north and east: Terwillegar Towne and MacTaggart. Often South Terwillegar is lumped together with Terwillegar Towne into what Edmontonians simply call Terwillegar. To give you an idea of what’s available in the area, asking prices for homes in Terwillegar at the time of writing can be anywhere from just under $150,000 for an apartment style condo right up to about a million for a house. Home sizes range from about 550 ft2 one-bedroom apartment up to a large 3300 ft2 house. Current sales show average condo sizes at 1060 ft2 and the average house size is around 1580 ft2.

Please contact me if you are looking for updates on the real estate market in Terwillegar.

Terwillegar Towne Demographics House Prices and Sizes
• Number of homes: 3522 • Average Asking Price (2017): $456,000
• Population (2012): 7532 • Asking Price Range (2017): $315,000 to $1,000,000
• Size: 1.74 km² (430 acres) • Average House Size (Approx): 1420 ft²
• Density (2012): 4328.7 people/km² (fairly dense) • Size Range (Approx): 1020 ft² to 3300 ft²

South Terwillegar Real Estate & Listings

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South Terwillegar Housing Market

• Absorption (2017): 61.3%
• Buyer Willingness (2017): 97.3%
• Desirability Score (2017): 95/100 (highly desirable)
• Dilapidation Score (2010): [Data not available]


• Accessibility Score: 294 homes per entry/exit road (poor, especially compared to Terwillegar Towne’s 183 homes per entry/exit road).
• Parking (see below for details): Decent in most areas.
• Transit (see below for details): 40 bus stops.
• Parks: 4 parks (depending on how you count parks attached by walkways). 4 storm ponds used for water management.


The southern and western boundary of the neighbourhood is Anthony Henday and the eastern boundary is Rabbit Hill Road. To the north it is Terwillegar Blvd and Thibault Wynd.

Build Years in South Terwillegar, Edmonton

Build Years in South Terwillegar, Edmonton

Construction started in South Terwillegar in 2002 and was finished by 2014. The majority of the neighbourhood was built in 2006 and 2007.

Assessed Values in South Terwillegar, Edmonton (2018)

Assessed Values in South Terwillegar, Edmonton (2018)

Tax assessments show values of homes in South Terwillegar spiking in the $150,000 to $200,000 range (apartment condos) and then again in the $260,000-ish range for townhouses. Then there is a very broad group of values from $300,000 to $500,000. This goes to show you the incredible diversity in the neighbourhood. Almost any price range is taken care of quite handily here.

Home Types In South Terwillegar, Edmonton (2014)

Home Types In South Terwillegar, Edmonton (2014)

Houses in South Terwillegar comprise 41.6% of the homes. Townhouses come in at 12.0%, duplexes at 15.8% and lowrise apartments at 30.7%.

Lot Sizes in South Terwillegar, Edmonton

Lot Sizes in South Terwillegar, Edmonton

Lot sizes in the area are typically 300 m2 to about 425m2. The smaller lot sizes are typically for bare land townhouse condominiums and the larger ones are of course for single-family homes.

Residential Zoning in South Terwillegar, Edmonton

Residential Zoning in South Terwillegar, Edmonton

South Terwillegar zoning is subdued compared to its neighbour directly north. Most of the community is Residential Small Lot at 42.5% Terwillegar Small Lots at 23.0%. Residential Planned Lots sit at 9.2% and the the Terwillegar specific Planned Lots (RPLt) at 16.8%. There is fairly large amount of RF4t and a little RF5t as well at 7.0% and 1.7% respectively.

Occupancy In South Terwillegar, Edmonton (2014)

Occupancy In South Terwillegar, Edmonton (2014)

Renting in South Terwillegar is pretty common at 25.5, however, owning a home in South Terwillegar is still much more common at 74.5%. This is likely because there are quite a few apartment buildings in the neighbourhood.

Condos in South Terwillegar

There are 13 condominium complexes in the neighbourhood:

  • Axxess at Terwillegar – 920 156 St – Condominium Plan 0922542 – An apartment condo.
  • Brindaven Estates – 841 156 St – Condominium Plan 0625021 –  duplex bungalow units.
  • Mosaic Encore – 4825 & 4850 Terwillegar Common as well as a few other 16xx (evens) addresses on Towne Centre Blvd – Condominium Plan 1224247 – townhouses.
  • Mosaic Towne Square – Please see the link for a full profile of this condominium. – Various addresses. A townhouse complex.
  • Ospin Terrace – 1204 156 St – Condominium Plan 0829395 – Apartment condos.
  • Park Place South Terwillegar – 7327, 7331, 7335 & 7339 South Terwillegar Drive – Condominium Plan 0740718 – Four lowrise apartment complexes.
  • The Quay – 7021 South Terwillegar Drive – Condominium Plan 1623892 – Apartment condos
  • Sandlewood Place – 6304 Sandin Way – Condominium Plan 0727557 – Half duplexes
  • South Terwillegar Village – 7253, 7289 & 7293 South Terwillegar Drive – Condominium Plan 0740718 – Townhouses
  • Tarasun Gardens – 1128 156 St – Condominium Plan 0725266 – Townhouses
  • Terwillegar Commons – 6835 Speaker Vista – Condominium Plan 0728967 & 1025844 – Townhouses.
  • Terwillegar Inspirations – 840 156 St – Condominium Plan 1220589 – Carriage homes.
  • Village at Terwillegar Towne – Numerous addresses (a very confusing name because it is not in the neighbourhood it is named after!)


  • ~There are no schools in South Terwillegar~

Parks & Recreation

The neighbourhood has 4 parks. The central park is absolutely massive and gets a lot of use.

Access & Parking

Homes with a Garage in South Terwillegar, Edmonton

Homes with a Garage in South Terwillegar, Edmonton

About half of the homes in Terwillegar have garages 52.5%. This doesn’t mean there are no parking spots for other homes – condos will have a parking stall, but the more garages there are seems to affect the number of cars on the street.

Parking is pretty good in the neighbourhood. Again, there are a number of homes that have rear-drive garages and so there should be some extra space out front. Remember, I think of this as a big deal for people wanting to have guests or families with kids who drive. If there is no parking, it can be pretty stressful to live somewhere, and having too many cars on the street looks unsightly to most buyers – this can affect property values. South Terwillegar real estate is not that affected by this issue.

Access for South Terwillegar isn’t great. Many residents will likely have to travel through Terwillegar Towne to get to a major road – something I’m not a big fan of. The reast will be using Rabbit Hill Road as it is the best way directly out of the neighbourhood. It could be a fair bit of traffic during peak hours and if there is any construction, an accident or poor driving conditions, it will impact travel time.

Transit To and From South Terwillegar

There are quite a few bus stops in South Terwillegar, so hopefully transit commuters won’t have to walk too far to catch a bus.


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